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Infrastructure & Operations

Improving performance, increasing resiliency, and facilitating the current and future demands of City operations through thoughtful investments in infrastructure, network and data storage.


Our Core work

We deploy modern infrastructure architecture and networks services across the City to ensure high performance, resiliency, and reliability.

Network Services & #SFWiFi

Increases connectivity for the benefit of the public and the City employees that serve them.

SF Cloud

Offers City departments remote compute, storage and data protection services under SF Cloud.

Voice over IP (VoIP)/Telephony

Provides higher levels of resiliency and availability to departments while simplifying overall architectural complexity.

Data Center Optimization

Improves the efficiency of citywide data centers by centralizing and streamlining operations that enable citywide migration of data to the cloud.

Database Administration Support and Monitoring

Provides 24x7x365 database administration support, backup and recovery, space management, and performance monitoring for Oracle, SQL Server and Postgres on Linux and Windows operating system platforms.

Mainframe Hosting

Provides an Operating System (OS) platform with a uptime rating of 99.99%. Includes OS support, software upgrades, storage provisioning, system monitoring, system tuning and trouble shooting.

Frequently asked questions

  • #SFWiFi is currently available along three miles of Market Street and 33 parks, plazas, and open spaces. #SFWiFi is also available in all branches of the San Francisco Public Library and seven San Francisco Muni stations: Embarcadero, Montgomery, Powell, Civic Center, Van Ness, Church, and Castro.
  • A virtual machine emulates a physical computer. The advantage of a virtual machine is that many virtual machines can run on one physical machine. Benefits include efficient use of physical hardware, less heat and therefore energy savings, quicker provisioning for customers, and a smaller data center footprint.