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Mayor’s Initiatives

We support the alignment of IT with the Mayor’s vision and values for San Francisco. Here’s how.

Enhancing Public Safety

DT's public safety division is working to upgrade the citywide radio communications system used primarily by the City’s public safety agencies. The new technology will support over 9,000 mobile and handheld radios with ten City departments and four outside agencies operating daily on the system.

Strategy & Performance

DT's Strategy & Performance team increases organizational performance and improves the business value of IT investments through strategic planning, effective project management, and increased customer satisfaction.​

Building Digitally Inclusive Communities

In collaboration with the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD), DT is providing free high-speed broadband service to residents of affordable and public housing in San Francisco. To date, we have assisted in connecting 1,424 affordable and formerly public housing units and anticipate connecting an additional 765 units by the end of FY 19.

Civic Innovation

The Office of Civic Innovation (OCI) was established by Mayor Edwin M. Lee in January 2012 to help make government more collaborative, inventive, and responsive for San Franciscans. The fruits of OCI's work have led to positive outcomes, such as the development of the City's affordable housing portal, increasing Medi-Cal enrollment and retention, and much more.

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