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JUSTIS Meetings - December 7, 2020 Minutes


Meeting Date: December 7, 2020 at 2:00 PM

Virtual Meeting via Teams

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PRESENT: Kenneth Bukowski, Ivy Lee, Paul Miyamoto, Michael Yuen, Chesa Boudin, Karen Fletcher, Kimberly Ellis, Katherine Miller, Manohar Raju, Chesa Boudin, Linda Gerull, Catherine Maguire on behalf of Chief William Scott, Robert Smut on behalf of Maryellen Carroll

ABSENT: Naomi Kelly, BOS Norman Yee

OTHER PRESENTERS: Joe Siegel, Henry Bartley, Tara Anderson, Todd Faulkenberry, Sarah Crowley

Call to Order 1. The meeting was called to order at 2:05 PM 2. Roll call performed. A quorum was present. Mr. Bukowski welcomed the members and gave a special mention to the newest member, Ms. Kimberly Ellis. Ms. Ellis was recently appointed to serve as the Director of the Department of the Status of Women. Mr. Bukowski asked Ms. Ellis to reach out to either himself or Ms. Linda Gerull to learn more of the background of the JUSTIS Council.

Adoption of Agenda
Mr. Ken Bukowski reviewed the agenda. There were no comments.

Approval of Meeting Minutes 1. Mr. Ken Bukowski reviewed the September 2, 2020, JUSTIS Executive Council meeting minutes. 2. DA Chesa Boudin asked for clarification on the City Attorney’s role as a non-voting member rather than advisory role in the Bylaws. Mr. Bukowski said that per his earlier conversation with the City Attorney, the City Attorney may join the meeting as an advisory member only. Ms. Gerull will amend the Bylaws and meeting minutes to reflect the City Attorney’s role as advisor. 3. Mr. Bukowski entered a motion to approve the meeting minutes. DA Boudin moved to approve the meeting and seconded by Ms. Gerull. Mr. Robert Smut, DEM abstained. The meeting minutes as revised were approved by the members. There was no public comment.

Executive Sponsor Update
Mr. Bukowski stated that the budget instructions will be released next week. The instructions will be similar from last year and will mean that all the departments will have to make further reductions, revisit our priorities, and find new ways to work more efficiently. JUSTIS CMS decommissioning project has been funded through COIT for the past (2) years. Hopeful that there will be lower funding that will be needed to complete the decommissioning work.
The 5-year JUSTIS Roadmap. Previously discussed the shared services approach to supporting analysis request in the JUSTIS hub. Looking forward to the advisory committee helping to define how departments can work together and prioritize the delivery of reporting and analysis with minimal cost.
Mr. Bukowski said that a follow-up discussion in relation to reporting and analysis is needed outside the council. He is open to ideas and always be available for further conversation outside the council meeting.

There was no public comment.

Advisory Committee Updates
a. Systems and Large Projects: CMS Decommissioning Update Henry Bartley, Program Manager discussed the mainframe migration activities. Henry talked about the broad timeline for the major activities across the migration efforts namely: 1) Report Migration – Four (4) organizations within JUSTIS that use mainframe reporting i.e., Sheriff, Adult Probation, Public Defender, and District Attorney. Four (4) more reports were added to the scope for migration. Will wrap-up by the end of January, 2021. 2) Mainframe Transaction Migration – specific user transaction that are now available in the mainframe migrating over to the JUSTIS hub. There are 32 mainframe transactions that are being redeveloped in Oracle APEX and will be available to users on the JUSTIS Port. Team from Sheriff and ID Bureau started testing the transactions before Thanksgiving and testing is doing well. Wrap-up of first phase of testing at the end of this week and on track on the timeframe 3) Level 2 Queries – User tool hosted by the Police Dept for use by patrol officers, DEM dispatchers and other partnered agencies. Project started in October and broken into 3 phases. Work will take through the end of June 2021. 4) C-Track interface with JUSTIS Data Hub - replacing the CMS. Redeveloping interface for the C-track system and will continue to the 1st quarter of 2021.

Mr. Bartley highlighted additional projects with the Sheriff, District Attorney and DOJ. Other projects internal to JUSTIS are the infrastructure maintenance and upgrades and documentation of JUSTIS data model.

JUSTIS 5-Year Roadmap Status
Mr. Bartley talked about the 5-year roadmap as a reminder on the categories and major activities.

From Ms. Ivy Lee asked if there are additional reports to be added with the passage of Prop D. Mr. Bartley responded that he will be adding this query on their list to investigate further and for discussion with the JUSTIS Systems and Large committee meeting.

From Chief Katherine Miller: Juvenile arrests are under reported. Mr. Bartley said that he will make sure that this will be on their agenda on the next JUSTIS Systems & Large Projects Advisory Committee Meeting on Dec. 23 meeting.

There was no public comment.

b. Data and Architecture: Data Sharing Memorandum of Understanding Status
Mr. Todd Faulkenberry, Lead Data Scientist, DA and chairperson of the Architecture and Data Sharing subcommittee talked about the four (4) main goals in the MOU. A&DS City Attorney and DT have collaborated to draft language and organize MOU. Thankful for the job they have done. MOU should be finalized and ready for submission to executives at the next JUSTIS Data & Architecture Advisory Committee meeting on December 16. Will be requesting comments as soon as possible for signature by end of year for DOJ submission.
Mr. Faulkenberry also discussed classification of federal, state, and local data into three (3) types namely CLETS, and local summary criminal history information both identified and de- identified.
Mr. Faulkenberry listed the agencies who have access to the 3 data elements. Ms. Sara Crowley, CAT clarified that the Public Defender’s office has access to the CLET’s data through the DA’s office but not through the JUSTIS platform.

c. Performance and Strategy: KPI’s
Ms. Tara Anderson, DAT stated that Performance and Strategy encompasses leveraging the technical and legal to ensure that the criminal justice system is best serving San Francisco. Ms. Anderson said the committee is continuing to review the proposed categories and priority KPIs.
Mr. Joe Siegel, Gartner talked about the national trends that impact data analysis in KPI’s. There is a definite trend towards the importance of sharing data among. Mr. Siegel showed the diagram on how the KPI’s are used to measure maturity and how we can use data in an advanced way.

Ms. Catherine McGuire, PD commented about using KPI’s to predict bias. Great first step and eager to see what agency is considered more mature, ensuring public safety family is part of this conversation. There was no public comment. Governance – Approval of Executive Board Bylaws Members agreed to move forward in approving the Bylaws with the change reflecting the City Attorney as an advisor. Ms. Gerull will make the change. Mr. Bukowski initiated a motion to approve the Bylaws as amended. Ms. Katie Miller moved to approve and DA Boudin seconded. Police Department abstained. The Bylaws was passed by the members in attendance.

There was no public comment.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:03 PM.