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Inside DT

Stay up-to-date on insider news, get to know who we are and learn how we support the community.

New CTO joins the Department of Technology!

Welcome our newest team member, Sunny Lakhmani, Deputy Director of Enterprise Applications/CTO. In this role, Sunny will help develop an integrated system and data strategy that will serve the largest number of Departments in their mission delivering services.

SFGIS Coordinates Regional GIS Workshop

Representatives from over 15 regional public agencies joined us to discuss best practices on how municipalities have been using Esri’s out of the box applications for Disaster Response. We are committed to regional cooperation and appreciate GIS for taking the lead!

DT Welcomes Our 2019 Interns!

Every summer local high school and college students from SF YouthWorks & Project Pull help DT provide IT services to the community. Interns learn valuable skills in leadership, teamwork, and technical skills for future success in college and their career. Meet our 2019 cohort below!


Hassan Asif

Hassan Asif, DT Cybersecurity

Hassan is working with mentor Chinna Subramaniam and the Identity Access Management (IAM) Team designing and developing web pages for the myApp web application. He is pursuing his MA degree in Software Engineering at George Mason University with is expected to graduate December 2019. In his free time, he explores new places and enjoys meeting new people.

Angela Li

Angela Li, DT Strategy & Performance

Angela is working with Nina D’Amato and Josh Tovar to develop a cost-benefit analysis model for Project Governance, update DT’s Service Catalog, and work on UX projects. Angela is studying Data Science with an emphasis in business and industrial analytics at UC Berkeley. She will earn her BA degree in Spring 2021. In her spare time, Angela practices Chinese calligraphy, learns new languages, and mentors youth.

Allison Kelly

Allison Kelly, DT GIS

Allison is working with Sam Valdez on improving the quality of the Enterprise Addressing System (EAS). Allison is pursuing her MS degree in Geographic Information Sciences at San Francisco State University and will graduate May 2020. Allison moved to San Francisco last August for school and is originally from the Boston, MA area and is a huge fan of the New England/Boston sports teams.

Calvin Figueroa

Calvin Figueroa, DT Public Safety

Calvin is working with mentor Ray Ramirez installing screens, keyboards, modems and radios in city vehicles and learning to make cat 5 cables and antennas. Calvin is studying Industrial Technology: Computer Electronics Networking Technology with a minor in Business Management at San Jose State University. He is expected to graduate Fall 2019.

Melissa Gordon

Melissa Gordon, DT Civic Innovation

Melissa is working with Krista Canellakis and her team on documenting and organizing the Civic Bridge program materials. Melissa attends Tufts University and is working on her MA/MS in Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning in Agriculture, Food, and Environment with an expected completion date of 2021. Melissa enjoys bicycling with Bike Party in West Oakland and road across the Bay Bridge to Yerba Buena Island this past weekend.

Dalen Jones

Dalen Jones, DT Network

Dalen is working with Ralph Reyes and the Network Team. He is learning about switching, routing, and network protocols and terminology. Dalen attends San Jose State University majoring in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science and is expected to graduate in 2021. When Dalen isn’t studying or interning for us, he is an avid fisherman.

Randy Casanas

Randy Casanas, DT Public Safety

Randy is working with hiring manager Joseph John and his team to remove and install communication systems inside city vehicles and will be working on fiber installations in public housing. Randy just graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Business Administration-Information Systems and is considering applying to graduate school. Randy loves spending his free time with his wife and baby boy, working with computers, and running a video game guild he founded with 100+ active members.

Winta Zeray

Winta Zeray, DT Public Safety

Winta is working with hiring manager Joseph John on updating the public housing data sheet, working with departments to assess the M.E.T.S phone line functionality, monitoring ServiceNow tickets, building and configuring the radio staff workstation, and creating a Public Safety MOU index. Winta is majoring in Computer Science at San Francisco State University and will graduate in 2020. She loves playing volleyball and basketball.

Eric Martinez

Eric Martinez, DT Service Desk

Eric is working with Adrienne Harris. Eric is training to handle incoming calls to the Help Desk as well as helping with laptop and workstation setup. Eric is studying Communications with a minor in Business Administration at San Francisco State University. He will be graduating Spring 2020. This Fall, Eric will be studying abroad in Spain.

Kevin Low

Kevin Low, DT Public Safety

Kevin is working with Ian DeYoung and Rene Simon. He is helping the Fiber Team perform audits on fiber splices—digitizing and organizing information on splices and where they lead to. Kevin is studying Industrial Technology: Computer Network Systems Management at San Jose State University and is expected to graduate Fall 2020. Kevin is a PC enthusiast and a gamer.

Marc Aronce

Marc Aronce, DT GIS

Mark is working with Sam Valdez and Allison Kelly on mapping points “inside the door” in the Enterprise Addressing System (EAS). Marc attends Lowell High School and will graduate in 2020. Marc wants to work on his techical, office and soft skills. Marc hopes to attend the University of San Francisco or Dominican University and pursue a degree in Nursing and Medical Technology. Marc’s hobbies include playing Apex Legends and Fortnite video games, and origami.

Celine Zhao

Celine Zhao, DT Human Resources

Celine is working with Ryan Lim and the HR team to organize, scan and file personnel records. Celine is splitting her time between HR offices at 1 SVN and 1155 Market St. Celine is a rising Senior at George Washington High School and she hopes to attend UC San Diego in Fall 2020 to study Mathematics and Data Science. Celine enjoys hanging out with her foodie friends, going to the movies and watching funny YouTube videos.

Thea Yang

Thea Yang, DT Strategy & Performance

Thea is working with Finance, Nina D’Amato and Josh Tovar to index old DT vendor contracts and analyze data. Thea will be studying statistics in the fall at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and plans to graduate in 2023. She enjoys drawing and learning languages in her free time.

Kaitlyn Tom

Kaitlyn Tom, DT GIS

Kaitlyn is working with Sam Valdez and Allison Kelly on mapping points “inside the door” in the Enterprise Addressing System (EAS). Kaitlyn attends Lowell High School and will graduate in 2021. Kaitlyn hopes to gain work experience and office and people skills. She plays right forward on the Lowell varsity soccer team and is a distance runner on the track and field team for the Lowell Cardinals. After her Project Pull internship is completed this summer, she will be vacationing on the Big Island.

John Wu

John Wu, DT Strategy & Performance

John is working with Josh Tovar and is familiarizing himself with the DT Strategic Plan and Service Level Agreement. John attends Lowell High School and will be graduating in 2020. He will be attending college and exploring technology related fields of study. His hobby is binge-watching Netflix.

Proud to celebrate women in tech. Meet part of our AMAZING team!

Staff Spotlight

Our employees bring diverse backgrounds and keep us moving forward. Get to know a few of the DT employees and teams that are going above and beyond.

NATOA Awards

SFGovTV Wins 3 NATOA Awards

The National Association of Telecommunications Officers & Advisors (NATOA) awarded the SFGovTV team with three 1st place awards for "Profile of a City/County Department", "Promotion of a City/County", and "Public Education". Keep up the great work!

CTN Leaders Award

DT’s Digital Champion

The Community Technology Network (CTN) selected Brian Roberts to receive a Digital Leader Award, recognizing his outstanding contributions to bridge the digital divide. Congratulations Brian!

Community Engagement

Many of our staff give generously with their time and finances to make a positive difference.

Loom, Knit or Crochet for a Cause

A group of 12 staff are helping the homeless and victims of domestic violence by committing to loom, knit, and crochet 10 items by November to sell during the City's 2019 Combined Charities Campaign. Truly inspirational!

DT raises $57,646 for Charities

Almost 80% of DT staff participated in the City's 2018 Combined Charities Campaign and pulled their resources together to raise $57,646. Contributions will help a lot of people, animals and causes throughout our communities.