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Office of the CIO

The Office of the CIO provides Citywide technology vision and leadership while also serving as Director of the Department of Technology.

In this dual role, the CIO advises the Mayor, Board of Supervisors and City departments regarding opportunities to leverage technology to improve government services, formulates the vision for Citywide coordination, embrace best practices and instigates enhanced technology, establishes unified standards throughout the Citywide organization, and plays a leadership role in the development and implementation of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plan.


We envision being a trusted leader and global example in providing innovative technology services and solutions to all CCSF agencies, the people of San Francisco and worldwide.


To provide innovative, reliable, and secure business solutions that support and empower CCSF agencies and departments in their delivery of high-quality government services for the public.

DT Technology Partners

The 21st Century City demands a collaborative approach. We work with multiple independent stakeholder organizations across the City.

In concert with the San Francisco Department of Technology, the Committee on Information Technology is a public facing organization that assesses, plans, and funds major technology efforts with a Citywide impact. The Emerging Technology Open Working Group develops recommendations, evaluates impact, and improves dialogue between the public and legislators.

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