About VoIP

San Francisco is extending and enhancing its current Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities across multiple departments and agencies. Some of our largest deployment thus far includes the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center and the Police Public Safety Campus.

Our voice, video, and messaging expertise lends City departments peace of mind when consulting with DT. The new VoIP products offer more cost effective and high quality contact center features such as:

  • conducting requirements analysis and recommendations for new, upgraded or relocated enterprise telecommunications systems or services
  • managing installation of equipment/services
  • monitoring network traffic
  • managing maintenance and upgrades
  • wiring inside and outside to maintain existing enterprise communications network
  • procuring equipment and services from various internal and external sources


How does the voice clarity of VoIP compare to traditional telephone?

The quality of VoIP has steadily improved since its inception, and it now meets or exceeds the quality of a traditional landline.

What is an IP Phone?

IP phones look and work like normal telephones, but connect directly to your internet connection. An IP phone plugs directly into your internet router and comes in both wireless and corded models and have useful functions and buttons which allow calls to be transferred, put on hold and have multiple lines.

Can VoIP allow me to work from different places using the same number?

Yes – these software-based phones allow you to be more mobile.