About Threat Assessment & Monitoring

Threat assessment is a process used to evaluate the risk posed by an agent of malware or some other intrusion. The Department of Technology offers client departments a systematic review of risk, threats, and concerns, as well as provide cost effective measures to lower risk to an acceptable level.

The San Francisco Department of Technology provides the following Threat Assessment services to DT client departments:

  • Splunk
  • FireEye
  • Cisco Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints
  • AirWatch


What is Threat Assessment & Monitoring?

The Security Services team has a number of tools with which we provide strategic understanding and real-time monitoring of the information security threats to your organization and infrastructure.

The tools we use can empower your team to correlate events between disparate systems to identify potential IT security events and gain deeper insight from logs.

What can I expect from Threat Assessment & Monitoring?

You can expect real-time threat prevention to protect against known and some unknown, web-based and zero day attacks. Access to the CIty Cybersecurity team’s analysts and engineers and audit logs that collect and index machine data for your team to analyze.

What can I do once we’ve identified the threats?

Once threats, or gaps in coverage are identified, your team can use the DT Security audit as a roadmap to patch the most pressing threats until your organization reduces the hazard level to an acceptable minimum.

How do I request or learn more about a cybersecurity service?

Call (415) 581-7100 or contact us via email.