About SF Cloud

DT offers City departments remote compute, storage and data protection services under SF Cloud. Compute and storage services allow departments to run applications, store business data, and run business processes. Data protection ensures data is safely backed up.

DT’s hybrid service offering includes both infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS). City-operated data centers paired with public cloud services provide City departments ultimate flexibility when constructing their cloud needs.

Today SF Cloud offers City and County of San Francisco departments the following features:

  • a virtual machine environment
  • monitoring
  • security & compliance reporting
  • network services
  • disaster recovery
  • virtual assessments & migrations

We are committed to providing service platforms at all times with the exception of scheduled maintenance windows. The expected scheduled uptime for service platforms is 99.99%.


What is a virtual machine and what value does it bring?

A virtual machine emulates a physical computer. The advantage of a virtual machine is that many virtual machines can run on one physical machine. Benefits include efficient use of physical hardware, less heat and therefore energy savings, quicker provisioning for customers, and a smaller data center footprint.

Does the City encourage the move to virtualization?

Yes. Under the Virtual First policy, IT managers across the City and County of San Francisco are required to explore virtualization options prior to submitting requests for new or replacement servers.

What is your process for unplanned system interruption?

In event of unplanned downtime, affected departments are notified within 30 minutes of the event. During the downtime, hourly updates are sent to the affected departments, as needed. After the system is returned to service, SFDT debriefs the affected departments within 24 hours. The debrief includes information about the cause of interruption, and if relevant, any steps to prevent a future reoccurrence. Our systems are returned to service as quickly as possible.

How do City departments know if their physical servers are good candidates for virtualization?

The SF Cloud team can help your department assess your environment, to determine if it is a good candidate for migrating to virtual machines. Contact a member of of the SF Cloud team to schedule an assessment dtis.helpdesk@sfgov.org.


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