About Radio Services

The Department of Technology maintains multiple two-way radio networks for first responders to coordinate life safety operations.

The San Francisco Department of Technology provides the following radio service features:

  • Coverage Citywide
  • Availability During Power and Cell Network Outages
  • Interagency Operability
  • Programming and Installation


How is radio different from other audible communication networks?

The radio network operates on a different frequency than telephone, internet and other communications. In the event the networks we rely on everyday become unavailable first responders can still coordinate their response because the radio system operates outside of the normal frequencies.

What if radios are damaged during regular work duties?

DT can assist departments with acquiring replacement radios, parts and accessories. DT recommends replacing portable and mobile radios every 7 years and batteries every 3 years.

How reliable is the network these radios rely on?

The radio network uptime is consistently 99.999 percent and coverage is guaranteed in 95 percent of San Francisco above street level.