To close the digital divide, and to provide more choice, competition, and affordable Internet service prices, the City is seeking to develop a citywide network that provides fiber-based Internet service directly to every home and business. This network will be (1) universal throughout the City - available to everybody in San Francisco, regardless of income and (2) open-access – any qualified entity who wants to provide service to residents and businesses should be able to do so.

Additionally, the City anticipates that a subsidy to provide low-income San Franciscans with free or reduced-cost Internet will be necessary. The City has identified multiple ways to meet the stated project goals, including procuring a life-cycle, public-private partnership (P3) contract to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the citywide fiber network. For details, please consult the following report, prepared by CTC Technology & Energy and issued by the City and County of San Francisco: Fiber-for-San Francisco-Business-Case.

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Fiber for San Francisco Industry Day held November 15, 2017: