About Connectivity

Connectivity is the foundation upon which City business is conducted and public prosperity is built. Broadband is an essential part of that foundation. In support of San Francisco’s connectivity plan, our initiatives in this area focus on rapidly deploying a resilient fiber network, pragmatically implementing the Dig Once ordinance, and maintaining #SFWiFi—our public Wi-Fi network.

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Pervasive, high-speed internet access for San Francisco
Fiber Fiber


Design, installation, routing and testing of fiber optic cable
Radio Services Radio Services

Radio Services

Installation and maintenance of the public safety, first responder radio system


Planning, installation, maintenance and infrastructure of LAN/WAN networks


What is Connectivity?

Connectivity is the quality or capability of devices, platforms or systems to be interconnected and communicate with each other.

Why is it a priority for San Francisco?

As San Francisco moves to become a 21st Century city, much of our workload shifts from paper documents to digital bits. Consequently, the need to increase our infrastructure’s capacity becomes more pressing and requires us to expand the City’s fiber-optic network. The City’s fiber network is essential to the needs of departments and their employees.

How will the City implement it?

Over the next five years, the Department of Technology will expand the City’s fiber network to connect every City building. We will make the most of City resources, by partnering with San Francisco Public Works to lay conduit in public streets when qualifying construction projects are already in progress—in accordance with San Francisco’s Dig Once ordinance. The ICT Plan outlines where conduit will expand in the next five years, and other ways the City may leverage the fiber network to increase broadband connectivity Citywide. The Connectivity Plan outlines the case for a municipal and managed fiber network, programs that work to expand fiber, optimization of #SFWIFI, and, perhaps most important, increased digital inclusion.



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