The San Francisco Department of Technology serves the City and County in San Francisco by providing technology services and solutions to various government departments and agencies.



As the technology leader and partner of choice, we aim to improve government services, our community, and the lives of employees, through smart and responsive use of technology.

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Through technology leadership, deliver intelligent design and responsive service and create a modern digital government that delivers better service, a connected community, and an efficient coordination among departments, so they can provide excellent public service to our community.

Statement of Incompatible Activities, DT (PDF)


Customer First

Customer First

When making a discretionary decision, always ask “why does this matter to the customer?” If we can’t come up with a great answer, we don’t proceed. Essential to making sure we make the right decision in the interest of our customer.

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Taking ownership and being responsible to all stakeholders for our actions. Essential to preserve the public trust and protect the public interest.

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Always maintain a high degree of technical and professional standards. Essential to building reliability into each of our services.

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Being clear, concise, and complete in reporting our methods, resources, and outcomes. Essential to demonstrating our ability to fulfill the promises we make.